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Athletic Department Contact Information

about 1 year ago

Kevin Downing, Athletic Director

Julie Kelly, Athletic Assistant
Siloam Springs High School
700 N Progress Ave
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Remind - Messaging
To receive “Remind” text messages from coaches:
Send a text to number: 81010
(NOTICE: If you no longer want messages:
Click- Reply
Enter in message: @leave

Message line for different sports or classes:

7th Grade Football : @panther7gf
8th Grade Football: @ssms8fb
9th Grade Football: @siloam
HS Football: @ssfootball
7th-9th Grade Cross Country: @bae05
HS Cross Country: @ssxc
Golf: @siloa
Tennis: @sstennis13
7th Grade Volleyball: @ss7vb
8th Grade Volleyball: @ssms8
9th Grade Volleyball: @ssms9
HS Volleyball: @sssrhivb
7th Grade Boys Basketball: @coachefu
8th Grade Boys Basketball: @8pan
9th Grade Boys Basketball: @2017189
HS Boys Basketball: @9a6e
7th Grade Girls Basketball @7dhb68
8th Grade Girls Basketball: @8thladyp
9th Grade Girls Basketball: @k68b7
HS Girls Basketball: @coachrip
Bowling: @coachkboli
8th Grade Cheer: @sspanther8
9th Grade Cheer: @sspanther9
HS Cheer: @sshscheer
Competitive Cheer: @sshscomp
Swim & Dive: @537bc
Baseball: @2017pan
Softball: @sssoftball
Boys & Girls Soccer: @sshssocce
HS Track and Field: @sstrack
JH Track: @ssjhtrack
Athletic Staff
Athletics Photos