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Inclement Weather Info

5 months ago

What factors influence the district's decision to cancel school?

We try to keep our schools open as scheduled as much as possible. However, there are times when weather conditions cause us to cancel school for the safety of our 4,000 plus students. We do not make that decision lightly because we understand canceling school can create difficulties for families. There are a number of things to consider when determining whether to have school during inclement weather.

  • Time spent in the classroom is integral to preparing students for academic success.

  • Students and staff must be able to get to and from school safely.

  • Parents and guardians must have adequate time to arrange for transportation or childcare.

Who makes the decision to cancel school due to bad weather?

A group comprised of individuals representing transportation, facilities and administration evaluate relevant factors and make a recommendation to the superintendent, who makes the decision whether to close school.

When and how is the decision announced?

The district makes every effort to decide by 5:30 a.m. whether to cancel school so that parents are alerted as soon as possible. The decision is announced immediately via Siloam Springs School District website, School District Instagram page and Facebook accounts, and local news media. Individuals may also call the Main School District Line at 479-524-3191 or any Siloam Springs school main number and select #9 for school closing information. Please do not rely solely on one method of notification. At times, in extreme weather conditions, internet access or telephone service may be disrupted, preventing or delaying the use of some communication channels.

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Why does Siloam Springs School District have school when other area schools dismiss due to the weather?

Each school district must evaluate its own conditions. The number of rural roads, lack of street maintenance, etc., can make the safety of travel vary from one district to another, even when they are in close geographic proximity.

When school is closed, are all other scheduled activities (ballgames, practices, programs, etc.) canceled for the day?

On days when school is not in session, programs held in our facilities such as after school tutoring are also canceled. However, some athletic events and other student activities may continue as scheduled depending on changing weather conditions, distance of travel, departure times and location.

What days will school be made up?

Siloam Springs School District builds five days into the calendar to prepare for inclement weather. At the discretion of the Superintendent, designated days built into the calendar may be used as instructional days.

In extreme situations, the District may choose to extend the school day, schedule Saturday classes, or utilize ADE-approved waiver days (AMI Days) to arrive at the mandated 178 student instructional days.

What is an AMI Day?

AMI stands for Alternative Methods of Instruction. The Arkansas Department of Education approved AMI Days beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, per Act 862 of 2017. AMI Days are intended to continue student learning, even when the district must close due to inclement weather or other circumstances. An AMI day allows students to work on assignments at home and the day will be counted as a school day.   The decision to declare an inclement weather day as an AMI Day is made by the Superintendent and the information will be posted on the District website if an AMI day is declared.

What is Limited Bus Service?

When the district announces there will be limited bus service, that means if the road leading to your child's bus stop is not safe for a bus, then the bus can be met at a main road on the bus route. In those times where limited bus service is declared, parents can refer to the following linked document for the specified stops of each affected route. Limited Bus Master Schedule

Sometimes drivers have to use their own discretion as they see road conditions, and parents are asked to please be aware that drivers may not be able to drive all portions of their routes.

What if my bus is late?

If your regular bus is 30 minutes late, students should return home and contact the district transportation department at 479-524-5614.

How is my child’s attendance affected if I decide to keep them home when school isn’t cancelled?

Children who are kept out of school will be counted absent. The only time students are not counted absent is if they are out of school due to a school-sponsored activity.  Please notify your child’s school by 9:00 a.m. whenever an absence occurs.

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