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Password Information

PLEASE BE AWARE: We do NOT change passwords from email communications from personal, non-school email addresses as we cannot verify your identity!                                                                         

Network (including email/google):  If you know your password, you can change your network password at any time from a computer by using ctrl-alt-delete (you will then see an option to change your password).  If you cannot reset your password, each building's office has the capability to manage passwords for that building, so please visit your school office to have your network password reset. You will then need to login to a school computer or login to your email your email on a home computer to reset your password (not your cell phone).

eSchool:  If your eSchool password has expired, go to THIS LINK and click ADE Single Sign-On, then click the forgot password link below the password box (or go to, click Security, Security Resources, then ADE Single Sign-On).  After you click the forgot Password link, enter your username (starts with our school LEA 0406); then click the "click here to send Password Reset Link by email"  -- Do not attempt to answer the security questions on the screen.

Student Passwords:
Student Passwords are reset right before the start of school each year.  Students in grades 7-12 will be given temporary passwords that will need to be reset upon login to a windows device.  Instructions for resetting temporary passwords on a chromebook are linked here.

Google Docs
Your google login is  and it uses your network password.  Contact DTS if you need help with this.

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