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You must call Central Office and schedule an appointment to do your fingerprints


Complete the ONLINE Background Consent Form/Fingerprinting Request and print the form when completed.  (You may download the form to a mobile device if you wish).  You will bring this to the fingerprinting location (Central Office).

Consent Form 


 Go to to make payment for the FBI and ASP checks.  The total cost is $38.25 total for ASP and FBI background checks (debit or credit only).  YOU WILL NEED THE TO KNOW THE VERIFICATION CODE -- 0406000.

Be sure to a print receipt with TRANSACTION NUMBER at the bottom. 


Take the printed consent from step one and receipt from step two to your appointment at Central Office to have your fingerprints scanned.


Complete the DHS Background Check Form
The cost for this is $11.00. Dixie or Staci at Central Office can notarize this form if you need a notary.  

Central Registry Background Check Instructions 

Select “You are a teacher, a pre-service teacher, work for or attempting to work for a school Arkansas”. 

The next section “Education Information” will need to be completed with the following information: 

o Applicant Type – Licensed Teacher 

o School District – Siloam Springs School District (type over the default name that’s listed) o School District Contact Name – Staci Branson 

o Email Address – 

o District Phone Number – 479-524-3191 

o District Fax Number – 479-524-8002 

o LEA Number – 0406 

o School Mailing Address – PO Box 798, Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761 

The next section “Applicant Information” is for your information. (If you have children of any age, you will need to list them and their birthdates. It does ask for their social security numbers but will let you bypass it if you don’t have them.) 

Submit the form. Once it is emailed to you, please print, sign and have it notarized. (Dixie or Staci can notarize for you.) 

Uploading Instructions 

Once your form is signed and notarized, you will begin the uploaded process.

      • Upload file 

Select “You are a teacher, pre-service teacher, or work for or are attempting to work for a school in Arkansas. 

Applicant Type – Licensed Teacher 

Is this a resubmission – No 


o Company/Requestor – Siloam Springs School District 

o Contact Name – Staci Branson 

o Contact Email – 

APPLICANT INFORMATION – complete with your information 


Please keep in mind, the background checks are just one part of license renewal.  

Please see the link below for completing license renewal (applying for license renewal and paying the renewal fee).

Please contact Staci Branson or Kelly Svebek with any questions:

Staci Branson

Personnel Specialist                                          Siloam Springs School District                        479-524-3191 (p)                                              479-524-8002 (f)

Kelly Svebek

Director of Assessment & Accountability      Siloam Springs School District                        479-524-3191 (p)                                              479-524-8002 (f)

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